Monthly Archives: December, 2017

Tutorial: Serial Connection between Java Application and Arduino Uno

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to build up a serial connection between a Java Application and an Arduino Uno. The tutorial is divided...

DIY: Y-Adapter Jumper Wire

In a lot of situations, it would be useful to have a Y-shaped jumper wire to split signals. For example, many variants of the...

Example Application: GY-521 module (MPU-6050 breakout board) and Arduino Uno

Wiring scheme and source code of an GY-521 (MPU6050) example application.

Arduino Tutorial: HX711 Load Cell Amplifier (Weight Sensor Module) + LCM1602 IIC V1 LCD

In this tutorial, it is shown how to utilize an Arduino Uno, a HX711 breakout board, and a load cell in order to measure...

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