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XIAO BLE Tutorial: How to control a WS2812B LED strip with the NeoPixel Library

Recently, I got my hands on a SEEED XIAO BLE microcontroller. The first thing that caught my attention was the super small size of...

Arduino Tutorial: Color Sensor (TCS230/TCS3200)

A color sensor detects the color of incoming light with the help of photodiodes. There exist many color sensor breakout boards that often come...



WS2813 vs. WS2812B + “WS2813 Mini”-based RGB LED Ring Tutorial

The WS2812B from the WS2812 series has been my favorite RGB chip when it comes to projects where lighting in different colors is involved....

Tutorial: How to use the GY-521 module (MPU-6050 breakout board) with the Arduino Uno

This tutorial teaches how to use the GY-521 Module (MPU-6050 MEMS). The tutorial covers wiring as well as programming of the GY-521 module.

Arduino Tutorial: MG 996R Servo Motor

A servo motor allows to precisely control a shaft to a specific rotary position. The MG 996R is one of the most popular servo...


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